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About Bryan Concepcion

Having grown up in Boston and lived in Massachusetts his entire life, Bryan has always had a front row seat to seeing the world change and grow rapidly throughout the past 20 years. Living through a recession and seeing how change would always be something to consider left an impression in Bryan that stuck with him until this day in the form of a goal to achieve financial independence and stability while being prepared to tackle any changes that come as life goes on.

        After finishing his Associate's degree from Bunker Hill and settling into his position as a Behavioral Interventionist for Autistic children, Bryan had decided that the best way to work towards fulfilling that goal would be to get into Real Estate through property ownership and investing. He took it further after having started to learn more about the field itself and he quickly started to enjoy the business aspect of it as well. With his background working for startups and in psychology, Bryan was very comfortable with the level perseverance and tenacity needed to work in today's real estate market and quickly got into boosting his reservoir of knowledge about real estate through lectures and trainings provided by Next Home. Bryan's path had taken him down the Real Estate track in order to get to that financial independence and stability, and he was moving towards that goal as an Agent who runs his business with a forward thinking mindset, transparency, and efficiency at its core while making sure he is constantly learning new things to add to his toolbox.

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